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Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography – Alex & James’ Spring Wedding

Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography – I don’t want to be accused of exaggerating, but I have to say that I think Alex and James’ wedding was absolutely perfect! They got off to a good start by choosing to hold it at Micklefield Hall, which regular blog readers will know is one of my absolute favourite wedding venues. The wedding was at the end of March, which (in England) is often a rainy and chilly time but the weather was astounding. It was 18 degrees and sunny, and the gardens were looking stunning – there were daffodils and gorgeous blossom wherever you looked. 

Although a perfect spring day at an amazing venue are obviously a fab foundation to a wedding, what made the day truly amazing was how lovely Alex and James are. They just looked so happy and excited all day long, and the feeling was contagious. Their friends and family were all charming and everyone had a great day.

I’m running out of synonyms for amazing so I’ll stop chattering here, but take a look at the photographs and I think it will be obvious what a fab day it was. Huge congrats Alex & James, never stop grinning at each other!

Shout out to the suppliers for the day:

Love Sarah x
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