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“I am a real romantic, so combining photography with the romance of a wedding is my dream job. Cheesy as it sounds, I’m thrilled and touched each time a couple invites me to photograph their wedding day – it feels like such an honour.”


My style is mainly documentary but with a twist. I specialise in capturing the natural joyful moments of your wedding without interfering, and shooting the stunning details you’ve spent months curating. However, I’m not averse to grinning at your guests to capture bigger smiles and I’ll certainly grab some traditional family photos for your parents’ mantelpiece!

Couple photos won’t be a tortuous hour-long session of micro-posing. I’ll mostly just encourage you to be cute together in picturesque places and beautiful light but will happily give extra posing advice if it helps you feel comfortable. I’m great at blitzing my way through a group photo list so you get the key photos you want without fainting with hunger! I’ll have you back to your guests (and canapés!) in no time, feeling slightly surprised at the fun we’ve had!

I’ve shot over 400 weddings and still absolutely adore them. I’ve won a couple of national ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ awards and am a recommended wedding photographer at a dozen wedding venues in and around Surrey…but most importantly people seem to like having me around on their wedding day! Take a look at the kind words people have said about me on my home page.


The Process

We’ve got some questions – can we chat?

Absolutely! We can chat on the phone/Whatsapp/Zoom or you’re welcome to come to my home in Englefield Green (Surrey) if you’d like. My weekends are taken up with weddings and occasionally seeing my poor husband/children, so I do client meetings during the week – evenings are absolutely fine as I realise pesky work often gets in the way of weekday wedding planning!

Chat - Bride and bridesmaids on a group

We love your work – how do we book?

If you’ve decided you want me to photograph your wedding (yay!) then let me know your full names, wedding date/location, the package you want and your address and I can draw up the paperwork (if I’m free of course!). l’ll send you a booking form and contract (which can be filled in/signed online – v whizzy). I’ll also need a 25% booking fee (which you can send via bank transfer, or even a cheque if you can find your cheque book!).
How do we book - black and white shot of bride and groom spraying champagne

What happens after booking?

I love it when people keep in touch – I love knowing when people have found their dress etc! Some clients like following me on facebook or instagram – quite handy for seeing other weddings and stealing some ideas! 1-3 months before the big day I’ll touch base again and send you a link to a details form (along with a balance invoice – sorry!) to get more of the nitty gritty details (timings, locations, group shot list etc). We can talk it over by phone if you’d like, or you’re welcome to come over and chat it through – whatever suits you best.
What happens after booking - Groom carrying bride

How long does it take for us to see our photos? Can we print from the USB stick?

I generally send couples a preview of 10+ photos within 2-7 days, put a blog post up within 2-3 weeks and get you the full set within 4-6 weeks. Of course, if you’d rather I didn’t post any photos online just let me know. I send you full size unwatermarked jpeg files and I’d strongly encourage you to print them (but go to a good lab)! And please back up your wedding photos (and your holiday snaps too whilst you’re at it!).
How long does it take - Sarah legge USB

The Nitty Gritty

Do you do engagement/pre-wedding shoots?

Yes! You can have a look at some here. I do them during the week as my weekends are rammed with weddings and looking after my own family! I particularly like doing evening shoots in the golden hour in June/September, when they can be fitted in after work. Let me know if you’re interested in one and I can give you a quote.
Engagement shoots - Engaged couple on the countryside

My fiancée hates having his/her photo taken! And we don’t want lots of posed shots. Is that a problem?!

Nope! In fact I’d say that reticent grooms are my speciality. For most of the day I’ll work really naturally and unobtrusively and you’ll be too busy having the time of your lives to notice me too much. I want to tell the real story of your day and to capture all the genuine emotions. I do like to have 15 mins away from your guests to take some couple portraits (more if you’re loving it, of course), but I do those in a painless, fun and natural way e.g. ‘Hold hands and walk over there’ whilst I snap away, rather than ‘Bend your leg, move your head 35 degrees to the left, stop smiling, no not like that’ etc! I’m good at reading people and making them relax – it won’t work if you’re not enjoying yourselves so that’s a key part of my job!
Unposed - Smiling bride and groom in gardens

I know your style is quite natural, but will you take formal/group photos?

Absolutely! I suggest keeping them to ten or fewer different combinations of people but I will do as many photos as you want if you’ve allocated time for them! I actually enjoy them, not least because I see how important they often are to parents and grandparents. I’m good at whizzing through them quickly (ideally we’ll get them done in 20 mins) – I will often suggest re-ordering them to make them flow more quickly, and I ask you to allocate an usher or someone to help round people up.
Group shots - Bride and groom with parents

Do you work alone?

I work quickly and like to be as unobtrusive as possible so generally work alone, but where necessary I can bring a second shooter. Happy to chat about this and give a quote if you’d like.
Work alone - black and white shot of happy couple with bride looking back over her shoulder

Do you need to do a site visit before photographing our wedding?

I don’t usually do site visits because so much of the what really affects the photographs changes day to day. The light is the key part, so where I recommend doing couple photographs is different depending on whether it’s sunny and the time of day or year. Other variables are things like what’s in bloom in a garden or whether a catering van will be in the background! I’ve photographed so many weddings that I’m used to assessing venues/light etc on the fly and working quickly and flexibly. Of course if you think a site visit is essential at your venue let me know and I’m always happy to discuss!

Site visit - Male couple holding hands

Do we need to feed you on the wedding day? Do you have any dietary reqs?

I won’t lie – I LOVE food, and when working (which is pretty tiring) I really love when I’m given a nice hot meal. I don’t need to be fed a three course wedding meal – although I won’t turn it down! Caterers often do a ‘crew meal’ of lasagne or something (yum) that they give the band, photographer etc and it is really appreciated if you can stretch to some kind of hot meal. I have no specific dietary requirements – I’m not keen on fish but will wolf it down on a wedding day if that’s what’s on offer!
Food - Shot of wedding table layout and wedding cakes

What happens if your camera breaks?

I’m a belt and braces kinda gal (not literally – don’t think I’d carry off that look) so I bring three cameras to every wedding, multiple flashguns, lenses, and upteen memory cards/batteries etc. So, it’s not a problem if something breaks.
Young bridesmaids sitting on the same chair

Do you have insurance? And are you VAT registered?

I do things properly, so I’ve absolutely got insurance. As well as my gear being insured I’ve got public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Let me know if your venue would like to see a copy of my certificates. I’m also VAT registered, and the wedding prices I show are inclusive of VAT.
Are you VAT registered - black and white shot of groom fastening cuff links

What happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?

Firstly, I’ve photographed over 400 weddings and have never come close to missing a day. I’m pretty robust – in 8 years at an office job I only took one day off sick (and even then, don’t tell my boss, but I could have staggered in if it were important!), and I don’t ride horses or other risky pursuits! But I’m a member of several networks of photographers who cover each other in case of emergency so I’m confident someone would be able to cover.

Veil being blown by the wind

How much editing do you do? I hate my arms/ankles/[insert body part here] – can you make them skinny?!

I personally edit every photo, adjusting tone, contrast, cropping etc, but I’m a photographer not a digital artist and I want to capture your wedding as it really is. I don’t airbrush away the mother of the bride’s wrinkles, or slim your waist to kidney crushing proportions. Key to confidence on the day is getting a great outfit that flatters your body and that you feel amazing in (and aren’t constantly hoiking up!). I’ll edit out the odd spot if you’d like but the final set are pretty natural. Clients are normally delighted how amazing they look without photoshopping. Professional photographs (taken with care to the lighting and an eye for angle and composition) are so much more flattering than we’re used to! If you do want more extensive retouching on some photos I can get you a quote from the experts I pass this type of work onto.
Bride and groom staring out at a sunset

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