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Fawley Hill Wedding Photography – Gemma & Adam’s wedding part 2!

Fawley Hill Wedding Photography – I feel like I’m running out of superlatives after a season of incredible weddings. But please trust me when I tell you that this was the most AMAZING wedding ever! It was actually part 2 of Gemma and Adam’s wedding. Part 1 of their wedding happened a year ago (and I had the honour of photographing it – check out photos of their Fawley Hill wedding 1.0!). It had had to be a micro wedding because of (you’ve guessed it) covid, so they delayed their big wedding reception for a year. So, I was already pretty much in love with Gemma (sorry Adam!) – we’d bonded over true crime podcasts – and today only reinforced that. I spent quite a lot of the day chatting with guests about how funny and amazing Gemma is!

I loved that this part of the wedding was so untraditional. The venue is an incredible quirky wedding venue in Buckinghamshire, near Henley. It’s a private estate that they proudly describe as being ‘bonkers’! There’s a restored Victorian station and a working steam train (actually, that’s wrong – it’s a diesel train, as one of the enthusiastic volunteers who get to play with the giant model railway, kindly corrected me!). This means that wedding guests can take a little tour round the estate and spot some of the 20 species of animals on display in the grounds.

Gemma and Adam arrived to their wedding in great style. To the absolute delight of their guests they pulled up at their reception on the train! The guests then went into the reception room (a warehouse absolutely plastered in vintage advertising signs) and watched a brilliant video intro recapping the past year and the previous ceremony. Gemma and Adam both work in TV and are very talented, and this was a very professional and hysterical video. They and their wedding party were welcomed into the room to rapturous applause.

There were then some readings and speeches. After that, in lieu of a speech Gemma presented an amazing film she’d put together with her bridesmaids (and bridesman) over the past couple of years. I’d try and describe it but I couldn’t do it justice, but I’ll just say that there was comedy, lip syncing, dancing and Britney, and it was so sweet and funny that I wept through it. I asked Gemma for a link to re-watch it and so I’ve just sat at home watching it and weeping again (honestly, my joyful tears are ridiculous now, I need help for emotional incontinence!). Somebody needs to get Gemma a sitcom right now!

The afternoon was very relaxed, filled with train rides, drinks and a lot of pizza and laughing. It was perfect. Gemma and Adam, you are incredible! I wish you the best for a lifetime of giggling together….and can we do this again? Same time next year?

Love Sarah x
Sarah Legge Photography – award winning Buckinghamshire wedding photographer taking beautiful, natural photographs of happy people throughout Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond! If you’re getting married at Fawley Hill (or at any other wedding venue down South!) and are looking for a wedding photographer then get in touch. I love chatting about weddings! And if you’re looking for a quirky wedding venue then I really wold recommend checking out Fawley Hill – it really is a delight!

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