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Millbridge court wedding photography

Millbridge Court Wedding Photography – Lucy & Pete’s Surrey wedding

Millbridge Court Wedding Photography – I cannot put into words how happy I was to photograph Lucy and Pete’s wedding. When I woke up on the morning of their wedding I genuinely thought I couldn’t be any happier, even if it was my own wedding day! Covid 19 has, of course, been devastating in so many different ways to people around the world, including people planning their dream weddings. Lucy and Pete had planned a beautiful big wedding at Millbridge Court (a stunning Surrey wedding venue near Farnham) in May 2020. That wedding wasn’t possible, so they decided to move the

The grove hotel wedding photography

The Grove Hotel Wedding Photography – Marie-Anne & Nico’s intimate Hertfordshire wedding

The Grove Hotel Wedding Photography – The Grove Hotel is a luxury hotel (and awesome wedding venue!) set in acres of Hertfordshire countryside just outside Watford (and surprisingly close to London given how ‘countrysidey’ it feels!). I worked there a few years ago and was delighted when Marie-Anne and Nico asked me back to photograph their big day. Marie-Anne and Nico delightfully defied convention for a lot of their big day, which I loved. They got ready together, with a handful of their best friends, in their own flat 10 minutes from the Grove. The morning was beautifully relaxed –

Wandsworth weddng photographer

Wandsworth Wedding Photographer – Rebecca & Dan’s perfect, intimate wedding

Wandsworth wedding photographer – Wow, what an absolute corker of a wedding to kick off the 2016 wedding season. I live in Wandsworth, so it was delightful to photograph a local wedding that I could walk to. I didn’t actually walk, but nice knowing that I could have (and at least I didn’t have to use my sat nav for once!). When Rebecca contacted me about photographing the big day she told me that it wasn’t a big, lavish affair and it wouldn’t be very ‘bloggable’…well, I don’t like to tell my clients that they are wrong, but I think a

Bride holding her brown horse

Surrey Wedding Photographer – a horseback bride!

About a month ago I photographed a beautiful, intimate Surrey wedding. The bride and groom are private people so don’t want a full blog post but I begged them to let me put up a couple of photographs, because the wedding had a very exciting (for me!) extra touch…the bride brought her horse along and we managed to get a bit of a bridal/equestrian photoshoot going on during the wedding reception! In one of the first weddings I photographed the bride arrived on horseback (to Grittenham Barn, one of my favourite Sussex wedding barns). I still show a little album


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