Farbridge Wedding Photography – Finola and Dan’s autumn wedding

Farbridge Wedding Photography – I was very happy to return to Farbridge (a lovely wedding barn venue in West Sussex) for Finola and Dan’s wedding, just a week after I’d been there for another wedding. Although the weather was not very kind to us, the whole day was sparkly and wonderful. This was for a lot of reasons, but in no small part owing to the fact that Finola and Dan just couldn’t stop grinning ALL DAY!!!! Take a look at the photos below – of course, they grinned all through the wedding ceremony and they smiled through the confetti…but
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Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography – Emma & George’s Hertfordshire wedding

Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography – Emma and George’s wedding was my second Micklefield Hall wedding in seven days, and what a joy it was to be back! The weather wasn’t kind to us but Emma and George are such lovely, smiley people that it didn’t matter a jot – their wedding was still absolutely awesome. They’d bought umbrellas so we were able to get outside for some photographs (and I was very impressed with the usher’s heel clicking/jumping abilities – not a mean feat whilst holding umbrellas!). Top tip – buy umbrellas if you’re getting married in this country…the number
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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer – Clare & Rich’s village wedding

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer – Sarratt is a really picturesque village in Hertfordshire (near the Buckinghamshire border) which I know of because the lovely Micklefield Hall wedding venue is just outside the village. I’d never actually been into Sarratt before, and I was very happy to be there for Rich and Clare’s big day – it’s SUCH a pretty place! When I arrived Clare was getting ready in the super cute cottage she shares with her husband. I was a bit (well, a lot) star struck on arrival – Clare’s full name is Clare Halse and she’s the star of the
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