Wedding Photography – Ian & Chelsey’s stunning Devon wedding

Wedding Photography – Wow! So Devon is pretty, right?! I’m so busy as a Surrey/Hertfordshire/London wedding photographer that I rarely venture to weddings much more than a couple of hours away from my home in Surrey. But, sometimes I make an exception and travel further afield, and boy, am I glad I travelled to this wedding! Ian and Chelsey are two of the loveliest, kindest and most smiley people I know, and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph their wedding. The are both from incredibly warm families, and I felt almost like I was a member of the family
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London Wedding Photographer – Ruth & Nathan’s Bleeding Heart Crypt Wedding

Bleeding Heart Crypt wedding photography – Wow, I absolutely loved this wedding for so many reasons!  Ruth and Nathan are a really fun and laid back couple, plus being a Londoner now I always love a London wedding and to top it all off, my FAVOURITE musician ever (Michael G Moore, THE piano man) was the entertainment…this all rolled up into a perfect wedding. I love hearing ‘how we met’ stories in wedding speeches and Nathan and Ruth’s was a corker.  Ruth is from Australia and met Nathan in a London bar after critiquing his attempt at chatting someone else up!
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