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Mother and son in cobam

Windsor Family Photographer – Best photographs of 2018

Windsor Family Photographer – I spend a lot of my time doing wedding photography (which I think most my blog readers might have worked out already!) but I still manage to fit in lots of lovely family and baby photoshoots. I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite family photographs from shoots last year. I did a lot of the shoots at Windsor Park (we live 3 minutes from the Bishops Gate entrance, which is very handy!) but also travelled to families’ homes and to other beautiful parks including Bushy Park and Cannizaro Park. Half of the families below are couples


Wandsworth Family Photography – The Dixon family

We were going to do this family photoshoot outside, but the weather didn’t play ball…but actually, I’m really happy we did the shoot inside, in the Dixon family’s lovely house. What a beautiful house, and a very beautiful family! Love Sarah x Sarah Legge Photography – award winning Wandsworth wedding and family photographer, taking beautiful, happy photographs


Twickenham Family Photographer – the Leopolds

This lovely family are part of an NCT group that seems to be providing me a lot of work at the moment (thanks guys!). I drove out to their home near Twickenham on a sunny morning and was delighted when I walked through to their back garden and saw a stunning cherry tree laden down with blossom. Heavenly! I love spring (although we seem to have reverted to winter now…ho hum, it was nice whilst it lasted). The shoot was great and their children were brilliant. Love Sarah xx Sarah Legge Photography –

Two little boys

Twickenham Family Photographer – a return visit

Over five years ago I photographed the lovely wedding of Krista and Dan (including their reception at the Ham polo club, which made a fab wedding venue). Then, after the birth of their first son I popped down to their home in St Margarets to take some newborn photographs. Fast forward a couple more years and the family has grown further – they now have three gorgeous little boys! They asked me to do another family photography session and I was only too pleased to oblige.  Lovely to see you all again guys! Love Sarah x Sarah Legge Photography – London wedding and

Twin girls eating popcorn

Twickenham Family Photographer – 3 little cuties

I’m a twin (hello Pip!) and therefore I particularly love taking photographs of twins, particularly when they are as cute as these little girls (and accompanied by a very handsome older brother).  I popped down to Twickenham to photograph this lovely family on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, and what a pleasure it was.  Here are some of my favourite shots from our family photography session. Love Sarah x Sarah Legge Photography – London wedding and family photographer specialising in taking natural, beautiful photographs of happy people!  

Mummy and son

Family Photography – Cillian and family

It was a delight to meet this little boy for some family photographs just before Mother’s Day.  I love how much joy he has brought his lovely parents.  What a beautiful family. Love Sarah x Sarah Legge Photography – award winning natural, beautiful wedding and family photography throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and beyond


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