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I now offer prints and professionally framed photographs to free your pictures from your computer! Although it is nice to have digital copies of photographs, you can’t beat having your images on your wall, safe from computer crashes and wiped hard drives and there to make you smile every day.

I use one of the leading professional labs in the country to custom make beautiful framed photographs for your wall or desk. The lab are so proud of their quality that they offer a 5 year warranty.

I offer a choice of 3 different wood mouldings (i.e. the frame!) each with several colour options. ‘Bevelled’ in medium grey is currently my favourite, but they are all beautiful! I offer 2 sizes of desk (or mantlepiece!) frames and 3 wall mounted frames. I have frame samples – let me know if you’d like to pop round to look at them (or have a Zoom look at them!) as colours on a computer screen obviously aren’t 100% reliable!

To maximise impact I love displaying framed photographs in clusters so I offer 15% off when you purchase 2+ wall mounted frames. Note that the size listed is the size of the outside of the mount – the total item will be slightly bigger once you’ve added on the size of the selected frame.

The frames are all supplied with high quality ultra clear acrylic (which looks just like glass but is more durable and lighter, so easier to hang). I like photographs to ‘breathe’ so all images with have a mount. I choose between various shades between bright white and light ivory to best match your frame/image choice (drop me a note if you’ve got a preference, or would like a different colour mount). The wall frames are have two sturdy metal wall fixings already in place, and the desk frames have a strut for support.

If you don’t see what you want then let me know – I can provide you with a bespoke quote for larger frames, gallery glass, double mounts or multi-aperture frames on request.

Frames can be ordered directly from your gallery. Delivery (mainland UK only) is normally within 10-14 days of placing your order.

Frames (all mouldings are priced the same)

Straight - Grained (22mm x 43mm)

A slim, deep, grained moulding finished in matt black, white or dark grey.

Dark Grey

Straight - Smooth (22mm x 43mm)

A slim, deep, smooth moulding finished in matt black or white.


Bevelled (21mm x 33mm)

A slim, deep, bevel edged moulding with a medium light, medium, medium grey or deep grey stained wood finish.

Mid Grey
Deep Grey

Decorative (30.1mm x 25mm)

A stunning decorative wood frame finished in ash black/pure white/dark mahogany/creamy white.

Off White
Dark Mahogany


  • Desk Frame - Size 5x7 / Photo Size 3.5x5.5 inch £45
  • Desk Frame - Size 8x6 / Photo Size 4x6 inch £50
  • Wall Mounted Frame - Size 10x8 / Photo Size 5.5x7 inch £75
  • Wall Mounted Frame - Size 16x12 / Photo Size 8x12 inch £95
  • Wall Mounted Frame - Size 20x16 / Photo Size 14x10 inch £120

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