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Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography – Andy & Katie

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography – I always try to make sure that these blog posts aren’t too long, so I cull the photos so I’m (hopefully!) not showing too many. But with this wedding there was so much fab stuff happening that I just can’t cull any more so apologies for the super long post! It was such a beautiful wedding, I loved every minute.

The beautiful bride, Katie, got ready for the big day at the Richmond Hill Hotel. The Richmond Hill Hotel is a very smart hotel perched, as the name would suggest, at the top of Richmond Hill, very close to Richmond Park. When she was ready (in her stunning red Chinese wedding outfit) it was time for the traditional door games, which are always a lot of fun!

Door games are a really fun start to Chinese weddings. They are challenges set by the bridesmaids for the groom and his groomsmen as a ceremonial way of proving his love for his bride. Andy and his groomsmen were brilliant sports, taking part gamely in all the challenges, including eating and drinking unpleasant things, making a list of promises for married life and (my favourite) a very amusing game involving ping pong balls, tissue boxes and a lot of twerking!

After the door games it was time for the tea ceremony, where Andy and Katie served tea to their family. Katie then went back to her room for an outfit change (I love a wedding with two wedding outfits!). After she was in her beautiful wedding gown it was time for a venue change as well – just round the corner into Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge is a beautiful Georgian Mansion in Richmond Park and I’ve been doing Pembroke Lodge wedding photography for years. I also used to take my boys there for cake when they were little and we lived in Wandsworth so I’ve got a real soft spot for it – lots of happy memories! It has the most stunning view over the park and Katie and Andy were lucky enough to get a gorgeous sunset.

Enough words – time to show some (OK, lots!) of the wedding photos. It was an incredible day, and Andy and Katie are the loveliest, most hospitable and kind people ever. Thanks for being amazing, and huge congratulations again on your wedding!

Love Sarah x
Sarah Legge Photography – award winning Surrey wedding photographer taking beautiful, natural photographs of happy people throughout Surrey, Hertfordshire, London and beyond! If you’re getting married at Pembroke Lodge (or at any other wedding venue down South!) and are looking for a some Pembroke Lodge wedding photography then please do get in touch. I love chatting about weddings!

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