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Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photography – Rob & Jen’s sunny Sussex wedding

Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photography – Wow, what a scorcher! Jen and Rob got married on one of the hottest days of the year, and they had the most glorious English country wedding you can imagine. They got married at Bartholomew Barn, which is one of my favourite wedding barns (run by the most lovely lady), nestled in beautiful Sussex Downs near Petworth. I’ve worked at the barn lots of times before, but I’ve never seen an outdoor wedding ceremony there, so I was delighted to see it all set up for Jen and Rob to tie the knot outside. Well – their guests were outside; because of our funny licensing laws the legal bits had to take place just inside the barn…but it worked beautifully!

After a nice personal ceremony the guests had the opportunity to relax in the gardens with a refreshing (and much needed!) drink. We took a few bride and groom portraits, but also made sure we had time to take some after the meal in the lovely ‘golden hour’ we got (in summer photos are often nicer when the sun is lower and the light is warmer and softer). It was a really picturesque scene – the sun setting and guests all over the garden, relaxing on the grass or playing garden games (or dancing around with bubbles if you’re a bridesmaid…and they were grown up bridesmaids!).

Congratulations on your perfect wedding Jen & Rob!

Love Sarah x

Sarah Legge Photography – award winning Sussex wedding photographer taking beautiful, natural wedding photographs in Sussex, Surrey, London and beyond! If you’re having a Bartholomew Barn wedding do get in touch – what a perfect venue!

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