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Sussex Wedding Photographer – Katie & Ciaran’s Upwaltham Barns wedding

Sussex wedding photographer – My wedding season is coming to a close (just one more wedding, at Millbridge Court, coming up in December) and what a special wedding to save for the end! I’ve been looking forward to this wedding ever since Katie and Ciaran asked me to be their photographer. They are the warmest, kindest, smiley-est people you could hope to meet, totally captivating and lovely. I knew their wedding would be an incredible experience (and boy was I right!). I was also delighted to return to Upwaltham Barns, which is a fantastic Sussex wedding venue set in beautiful countryside, and very ably catered by excellent wedding caterers Nibbles2Nosh.

Katie and Ciaran planned a brilliant alternative wedding ceremony. It was conducted by a family friend, and involved ring warming and hand fasting. Lots of members of the family were involved – how special to have your Grandpa and your sister help you tie the knot (literally with the hand fasting!). You could feel the love in the room, and there was lots of laughter (Katie in particularly was beaming her enchanting smile all day!), which set the tone for the rest of the day.

After the ceremony we popped out for some photographs in the pretty countryside that surrounds Upwaltham Barns, and Katie donned some very stylish wellies (which accessorised her stunning Phase 8 wedding dress very well!). After drinks it was in to enjoy the delicious wedding breakfast and some excellent speeches. The day was capped off in a brilliantly exuberant fashion with a ceilidh. They’re always fun to photograph (and I only came away with a couple of bruises, which isn’t bad for photographing such enthusiastic dancing!). That’s enough raving from me (can you tell I fell slightly in love with the happy couple?!), here are some of my favourite of their photographs.

Upwaltham barns wedding photographyWedding blackboardupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0603Elephant wedding invitationupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0605upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0606Beautiful bride in phase 8 wedding dressupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0608upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0609Radiant grinning brideupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0611People seeing bride for first timeWedding detailsupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0657Bar man checking headPinky wedding detailsupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0660 Bridesmaids in long blue dressesarrival of the bride at upwaltham barnsupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0616Friend conducts wedding ceremonyupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0618Ring warming ceremony photographsupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0620upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0620bSussex wedding photographerupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0622Sister does handfasting ceremony at weddingupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0624You may now kiss the brideupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0626upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0627upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0628upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0629Sussex wedding photographerNewlyweds kissLots of hugs after weddingBride in phase 8 wedding dress and welliesupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0634upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0635upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0636Sussex wedding photographerupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0638Very happy coupleupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0640upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0641upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0642Bride and groom in front of corrugated ironNibbles2nosh canapesupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0646Relaxed family photographsupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0676
upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0648upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0649Laughing edding partyupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0651upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0652upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0653upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0654Upwaltham barns wedding photography big group photographFunny wedding speeches upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0662Wedding speech photographsBest day ever balloon at nightupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0665Sparkler exit photograph at upwaltham barnupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0667upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0668First danceupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0671upwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0670Ceilidh at upwaltham barns weddingupwaltham-barns-wedding-photography_0673Love Sarah xx

Sarah Legge Photography – award winning Sussex wedding photographer taking beautiful, natural and joyful photographs at weddings throughout Surrey, Sussex, London and beyond! Do get it touch if you’re looking for Upwaltham Barns wedding photography – it’s one of my favourite venues!

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